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Miguel Perez-SantallaMiguel Perez-Santalla has more than 30 years’ experience in precious metals industry. He is currently Sales and Marketing manager for Heraeus Metals New York. He has been the Head Trader at an International Private banking concern, Vice President for Precious Metals at M&T Bank, and had his own precious metals import-export business. He has been recognized by his peers as an expert on precious metals topics and has presented frequently at the International Precious Metals Institute and other venues. He has been quoted by the media and is recognized as an advocate for greater market transparency. He currently serves as Treasurer of the New York Chapter of the International Precious Metals Institute.


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Allan Ramlall NMTA

Allan Ramlall has been involved with precious metals, foreign exchange and money service businesses for 30 years. Having traveled all over the world and with his most recent focus with The National Money Transmitters Association his expert opinion of markets and how they are affected by regulations is greatly esteemed.




Patricia Cauley is Director, Business Development for North America, for the pricing utility company   The company publishes prompt accurate metals prices and related news.   Patricia started her career working for Metallgesellschaft trading physical metal.  After 6 years she moved on to mining company Asarco heading up their copper sales department until it was acquired by  Grupo Mexico. Recently she was with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( previously NYMEX), where she was Director of the metals business for 10 years.  Patricia has a BA in both Economics and French from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.


Paul McGowan General Director-

Paul McGowan
General Director-

Paul McGowan is Directeur General of, an online physical gold investment & savings company based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also the co-creator and inspiration behind the production of the Vera Valor 1 Oz 999.9 fine, good delivery, gold medallion-the first ever from “Clean Extraction” and the only 100% traceable from “Mine to Mint” and even to the vault. He also created the unique LinGold Savings Plan which is an innovative savings account in physical gold.

D. Edward Bungert is Vice President of World-Wide Business Centres. Ed joined WWBC in 1977 and has been with the company in various ed bungertcapacities ever since. He has worked with people from all facets of businesses in New York City and is recognized for his excellence in service to his clientele.  As a creative writer he has used his understanding people which he developed throughout his career. He is the author of four novels about FBI undercover work and is currently working on his fifth book.  Ed lives in the Bronx with his wife, Michele.


Carlos Perez-Santalla is a Commodities Broker at Marex Spectron. He has 30 years in the commodities futures business much of it on the floor of the COMEX. For the Comex he was on the board of the Business Conduct, Membership and the Arbitration Committees. He also ran their Ethics and Broker training. He was the president and an owner of Hudson River Futures Inc. the venerable floor brokerage firm during the open outcry system known for its exceptional integrity. In those days when the market went wild, the board would flash “F”. This meant it was a fast market and prices may not reflect execution prices. Many people considered it to mean something along the lines of another four letter variation unless they were using Hudson River Futures. When they had Carlos and his team working for them they knew they were in good hands. His daily commentary is read by professionals all around the world. A mix of both technical and fundamental analysis lets the reader know what is happening and what direction the market may take.